Achievement Awards

We are excited to share some news about an initiative at our Academy that we believe will not only inspire our students but also provide regular opportunities to celebrate their achievements throughout the academic year – The Halley Academy Achievement Awards.

Throughout the academic year, we will host three awards assemblies to celebrate the accomplishments of our students. These ceremonies will provide a platform to acknowledge their dedication and hard work across various domains. Each category will recognise two outstanding students per Small School.

We are introducing nine distinct categories for the Academy Achievement Awards, each designed to recognise specific areas of excellence in our students. These categories include:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Exceptional Progress
  • Exceptional Commitment to Learning
  • Sports Achievement
  • Creativity
  • STEM & Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Service to the Community
  • Small School Values

When a student receives an award for the first time in any of the categories, they will receive a distinctive “Half Colours” badge and a certificate to commemorate their achievement. For those students who achieve recognition for a second time in a subsequent event, they will be awarded a prestigious “Full Colours” badge and certificate. In addition, they will receive a £20 Waterstones voucher as a token of our appreciation for their continued commitment.

We are confident that these awards will not only inspire our students to strive for excellence but also foster a sense of pride and accomplishment within our Academy.