Academy Reopening

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Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope that you had a much deserved rest over the half term break and a positive start to Module 4. 

In light of the announcements from the Prime Minister and the Department for Education; the Trust and the Academy Leadership Team have started to make the necessary preparations for reopening the academy site. Outlined below is some key information regarding your child’s return to the Academy. All students, unless identified as CEV due to existing medical conditions or self-isolating, will return to face-to-face learning on-site, as per the usual academy routines, following the staggered start information in the table at the end of this letter.


We are committed to fully reopening the academy in the safest way possible.  Therefore, we are going to use Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th and Friday 5th March as Lateral Flow Testing days. This means that all students, except those students who are already attending the Academy as part of our existing Hub provision, will continue to complete remote learning at home. This will allow us to conduct Lateral Flow Tests for students who have consent before students begin to return to their lessons in the academy on Monday 8th March. It is important that all consent forms are returned before this process begins on Wednesday 3rd March.

Consenting students are required to complete 3 tests on-site and one at home, before they start the routine of home testing twice a week. Testing will begin for students next week in a phased approach as follows:

Date Year Groups
Wednesday 3rd March 11, 12 and 13
Thursday 4th March 7 and 10
Friday 5th March 8 and 9

For their first test, students will attend site and then return home immediately. Students are not required to attend in their academy uniform, however they must wear a face mask unless they are exempt. Strict social distancing measures will be in place and all students are expected to observe these.  Subsequent tests will take place when students return to their learning on-site. Students will be given an appointment slot to attend and should enter the Academy via the front gate on Corelli Road. From here, they will be directed to the Sports Hall where our testing centre will be based. Parents/Carers are welcome to escort their child onsite where parking facilities are available. Parents/Carers will not be able to accompany their child to complete the test and we ask that you either remain in your car or outside the academy front gate. 

A reminder that, if a student is symptomatic, you should seek a PCR test and not attend site.  Please report this via our normal absence reporting procedures.  Once we know how many students require Lateral Flow Testing we will arrange appointment times and send out more information about this process. 

If you consent for your child to be tested, you will also receive two home testing kits per week for your child to test themselves at home following the initial testing in school.  The Lateral Flow Testing accompanies the many other protective measures we are taking to assist staff and students to remain in school safely.  Up to one third of people who have coronavirus experience no symptoms.  By testing, we will help stop the spread of the virus and support the safety of our students and staff.  

Although testing is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended by Public Health England and we would welcome as much support with this as possible to keep our community safe.

Remote Learning from Monday 1st March

Our current remote teaching and learning routines and expectations will continue for students next week. Students should continue to follow their normal timetable, using Google Classroom to access their assignments, materials and live lessons.

To allow the on-site testing to occur, please note that remote learning lessons, whether live or pre-recorded, will not be posted for students at the following times:

Year Group Date and Time of No Remote Learning
Year 11 Wednesday 3rd March, Periods 1, 2 and Tutor Time
Year 12 and 13 Wednesday 3rd March, Tutor Time, Periods 3 and 4
Year 7 Thursday 4th March, Periods 1, 2, 3 and Tutor Time
Year 10 Thursday 4th March, Periods 3, 4 and 5
Year 8 Friday 5th March, Periods 1, 2, 3 and Tutor Time
Year 9 Friday 5th March, Periods 3, 4 and 5.

Once students have returned from their on-site test, they should continue with their remote learning as per usual for the remainder of the week. 

Catering Provision

We will resume our full catering service offer on Thursday 11th March. This means that between Monday 8th and Wednesday 10th March, students on-site will need to bring a packed lunch and healthy snacks, along with a refillable water bottle.   

Return to the Academy

Students will return to the Academy in a phased approach from Monday 8th March, according to the time of their second test at the Academy. Once students return to the Academy, their learning will take place face-to-face according to their usual timetable. Attendance is mandatory and expected for all students unless self-isolating or shielding, from their return date as outlined below.

Meanwhile, those year groups who are still awaiting to return to the Academy, will continue with remote learning via Google Classroom, following our current expectations and routines. 

Monday 8th March Tuesday 9th March Wednesday 10th March
Year 7 Remote Learning at home Lessons on-site and Lateral Flow Test 2 Lessons on-site
Year 8 Remote Learning at home Remote Learning at home Lessons on-site and Lateral Flow Test 2
Year 9 Remote Learning at home Remote Learning at home Lessons on-site and Lateral Flow Test 2
Year 10 Remote Learning at home Lessons on-site and Lateral Flow Test 2 Lessons on-site
Year 11 Lessons on-site and Lateral Flow Test 2 Lessons on-site Lessons on-site
Year 12/13 Lessons on-site and Lateral Flow Test 2 Lessons on-site Lessons on-site

We will undertake the third Lateral Flow test once all students are back on-site. This will follow the order of return.

Importantly, throughout this period of reopening, our existing Hub provision will continue to provide learning for vulnerable students and children of critical workers.   

Tutors will begin the preparations for students’ return during our ongoing live tutor time sessions by reminding them of our routines and expectations next week. 

On return to the Academy, students will receive a full face-to-face induction, reminding them of our Academy learning routines and high expectations.  We will send a further letter next week with more details for students’ return.

In the meantime, we are thrilled to be able to welcome students back to the Academy. I appreciate that you may have questions regarding our reopening planning, and we will be happy to answer these for you via our small school teams.


Yours faithfully,


John Dixon