Awarding of Qualifications (2020/21)

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Dear Parents/Carers,


The government has confirmed that all students completing qualification courses this year will not sit summer examinations. Student results will instead be provided by Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs), which have been defined as a teacher’s judgement of a student’s performance at the time of awarding the grade

The government has provided all education institutions with guidance on how grades should be awarded this year. This guidance includes recommendations on the type of evidence that should be used by teachers to judge a student’s performance. The types of evidence that will be used are specific to the subject a student is studying, with the main types of evidence including: 

  1. Controlled Conditions Summative Assessment: Mock Examinations and Exam Board Assessments;
  2. Classroom based internal assessments  and class work linked to examination specifications;
  3. Non-Examination Assessment (NEA): Coursework, Practical subject portfolio work and other non-examination course specific requirements.

All students have sat one full series of Mock Examinations in November, with further controlled assessments planned to start from Wednesday 21st April that will run until Wednesday 28th April. These assessments will be designed using newly released examination board assessment materials, with your child receiving tailored lessons in preparation for this assessment week. 

The academy has prepared a robust, consistent evidence framework in which students’ performance will be assessed, with all frameworks designed to be subject specific and to explicitly relate to the course the student is studying. This evidence will only incorporate content and skills that a student has been taught and will not be based on any new content that has not yet been taught. 

All students will be provided with the range of evidence that will be used to judge performance in each subject. This will ensure that the academy provides all students with a transparent, fair process that accurately represents their performance in their chosen subjects. The academy also appreciates the impact that this may have on its students, so will ensure that all students are supported and kept fully informed at all times. 

If you have any questions then please contact the academy using the central email address


Yours faithfully,

John Dixon