Student Thoughts

Apprentice or University: Who knows?

The below was written by Georgia in Year 12 in response to her visit to Apprentice 19 – Guildhall.

Some people may see apprenticeships as worthless and a waste of time, and university as the only option for students once they leave school. However, apprenticeships give young adults a chance to get a degree but also gain training and experience for jobs in the future. Perhaps university doesn’t offer that type of experience to its students but an alternative developmental experience. Initially, my mind was set on university as the only thing for me to do when I left school but now who knows? Apprentice 19 showed us the exciting and varied options available to students after Sixth Form College.

Earlier this month, a group of sixth form students attended Guildhall in London for the Apprentice 19 exhibition event. This was so we could take a look at the different opportunities available to us after leaving college.

If you believe that university is the only way to get a degree for your dream job, you may be missing out on amazing chances to better your future. This event showed me that perhaps university isn’t the only right choice for me and I would also benefit from an apprenticeship. It was a very interesting, insightful trip. Lots of people should have the same chance as us and be able to find out information they may not have known previously.

Since I was 12, I have always aspired to be a lawyer and I always thought I had to go to university in order to get a law degree to achieve my dream job. What I didn’t think about was the experience I would need. Without experience, the chance of me becoming a lawyer is much lower than someone who already has experience and training in that area.

So why would I limit myself like that? Would you? Apprentice 19 opened a gate I never knew was there for me to walk through. My teachers were the ones who made that gate available to me. I was able to see that there are many law apprenticeships out there. I just need to find the right one for me. I found that I can still get that law degree but also the experience and training to boost my job prospects in the future.

Apprentice 19. . . This event has really opened up my mind to a range of new possibilities and opportunities. I am so grateful I had the chance to do this. I see there is much more out there for me. However, university does offer new life experiences, a chance to make incredible new friends and to really learn how to live and look after yourself. Perhaps it does not offer the experience of job training like apprenticeships do but you gain experience in other aspects of life which will be extremely helpful when you are older and are maybe living alone. So who knows what will happen when I visit universities and which path I will take.