Comic Relief

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Dear Parents/Carers,


Red Nose Day for Comic Relief will be taking place on Friday 19th March. As we are unable to wear Red Noses to the academy, this year we will be participating in other activities to raise awareness and donate to Comic Relief.

Your child will be participating in quiz activities during tutor time, working collectively with other students to earn the most points and see their small school crowned winner. We are working towards an Own Clothes Day, for which the winning small school will decide a colour theme.

Students will be asked to bring a donation of £1 on the Own Clothes Day. These donations will be given to Comic Relief to help provide safety for families who need support, tackle mental health stigma, take action against domestic abuse and give children a brighter future.

We look forward to the upcoming fundraising activities and will notify you of the winning small school, the selected colour theme and the date of the Own Clothes Day in due course.


Yours faithfully,

The Halley Wellbeing Team