Cultural Capital Day – Wednesday 30th March 2022

A Halley Academy Sixth Form student is shown handling a DNA sculpture in Science.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are committed to ensuring that all students enjoy a unique, diverse and meaningful range of additional learning activities as part of their curriculum. This encourages them to develop skills, enjoy experiences and benefit from qualifications that will further help them to succeed in adulthood.

On Wednesday 30th March, the academy lesson timetable will be suspended so that students can participate in different activities for our second Cultural Capital Day of this academic year.

All students will be engaged in a variety of activities throughout the course of the day, which will be based in year groups and follow the structure and timings of the school day.

An overview of the programme for each year group will be shared with you via email in due course.

We hope that this Cultural Capital Day will provide experiences that will be genuinely inspiring and transformative for our students.

Yours faithfully,

John Dixon