British Council International School Award

The Halley Academy works every day to ensure that our students are global citizens, who are aware of current global issues, cultural differences and who have an appreciation of different backgrounds. Teachers plan this into their everyday teaching and various projects with an international theme have led to The Halley Academy successfully being awarded the British Council International Award Full Accreditation.

During the application process, it was very clear that departments incorporate internationalism across the curriculum with great success. Our MYP curriculum emphasises internationalism within each subject. The British Council International Award encourages departments to be creative in their work to deliver international themed projects and activities for all students across all year groups.

Our application consisted of 13 projects across the curriculum and across all year groups. Three projects involved international collaboration with other schools; we worked with schools in Spain, Colombia and Ghana.

In a series of form time activities, students looked into where they themselves came from and what their communities have contributed to Britain.

In a three part activity series, students looked at areas of the world with issues as a result of climate change. Students reviewed the causes and the impact of climate change on different global regions and then in the UK.

Students engaged in virtual communication of information exchange about daily life, free time, life in school and about the UK/Spain in general.

Considering a variety of factors (cultural/economical/legal/geographical), groups designed their own country and thought about what is important for a society to function.

Students from other countries who attend The Halley Academy created presentation about their countries for form time activities. The point of this was to celebrate heritages within our school community.

In conjunction with a school in Ghana, the art department took part in a series of creative activities which led to their art being displayed in the Greenwich Maritime Museum.

In a four part series, students learnt about migration from West African countries to Europe via the Canary Islands. Content included why people choose to leave their home country, what life is like as a refugee and how people are welcomed in countries that are not their own.

Students new to The Halley Academy from other countries start their English learning journey by doing project work on where they come from in English.

Students engaged in virtual communication of information exchange about daily life, free time, life in school and about the UK/Colombia in general.

Students conducted a business investigation into companies that are active in a minimum of 2 European countries. They conducted both Primary and secondary research and considered how different cultures impact on sales and demand of different products.

Students discussed the benefits and privileges of education around the world. Students explored the different education systems and attitudes to school, as well as how educational policy has an impact on the rights of girls in school.

Considering memorials in the context of the Holocaust, students created their own memorial stone, which were then sent to the Big Ideas project, who worked with the stones in part of a new Holocaust memorial.

Don Quixote and The Three Musketeers were performed in French and Spanish to students in year 8 and 9 with students getting involved in the action too! In addition, cultural films like Coco where the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico was explored.

We look forward to continuing our international journey at The Halley Academy and celebrating all things international in and out of the curriculum!