Language Development

Language Development at The Halley Academy 

Language Development is a compulsory element in the IBCP Core, designed to help students ensure that all students have access to, and are exposed to, a second language that will assist and further their understanding of the wider world.  The course aims to provide students with the necessary skills and intercultural understanding to enable them to communicate in an environment where the language studied is spoken: students will develop the transferable linguistic skills necessary to succeed in the globalised employment market or in successfully applying to higher education institutions.  

The four aims of Language Development are to:

  1. enable students to understand and use the language they have studied in context
  2. encourage an awareness and appreciation of the different perspectives of people from other cultures
  3. provide students with a basis for further study, work and leisure through the use of an additional language  
  4. provide the opportunity for enjoyment, creativity and intellectual stimulation through knowledge of an additional language.

Students will follow an ab initio Language course, choosing a new language to study from a range including French, German, Spanish and Mandarin.  The course will blend key grammatical concepts with intercultural understanding and essential skills necessary in a global workplace.  No previous experience in the chosen language is required, as the course aims are applicable to all students, regardless of the level of linguistic proficiency they have when they begin the IBCP.  Language development is designed to accommodate all students and ensure they are exposed to a language other than their best language that will assist and further their understanding of the wider world.

Language development is a non-examined course. Instead, students work on developing a language portfolio.

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