HARmony Summer Transition Camp

From 29-31st July, fifteen of the Halley’s Heroes volunteered their time to deliver workshops and home group sessions to our new Year 7 students as part of our successful partnership with Humanutopia. The workshops which were designed and led by the Halley’s Heroes, included: creative writing, art, cooking, drama, music and sports. On the final day, Year 7 families were invited to The Halley Academy to attend a showcase presentation of the Year 7’s hard work and engagement over the three days. It was an honour to see The Halley’s Heroes and our new Year 7 cohort working together to build relationships, support transition and celebrate all of their hard work. Year 7 feedback at the end of the HARmony Camp:

‘The Heroes helped me with my confidence, and I look forward to them supporting me through my first year at secondary school’

‘I met my best friends for Year 7 at the HARmony Camp and am not scared anymore’

‘I enjoyed HARmony Camp because it gave me an experience of Year 7’

‘Now I know that I have friends to look forward to, and the support of older students’

‘It was exciting and I am looking forward to learning a range of subjects at The Halley Academy’