Independent Learning

Whole Academy Approach

Independent learning provides students with the opportunity to continue their academic progress away from the classroom.  It allows students to demonstrate a commitment to their own learning, as well as extending their subject knowledge and skill development in a personalised way.

The Halley Academy recognises that all students deserve the right to continue their education in their own time, therefore, any opportunities to do so should be inclusive and hold no barriers to a student’s aspirations.  The independent learning platform should also harness the current developments in educational technology, enhancing the interaction between all stakeholders in a student’s education.

Independent Learning Timetable

The academy’s independent learning timetable is in place as a guide of what can be expected each week, to help develop student time management skills. There may be times when project work is set over a longer period of time and therefore may not be set every week. Students are expected to record independent learning at all times as this will aid organisation and strengthens the communication between home and academy. Students will be given an appropriate deadline to complete the work, enabling students to self-manage their workload each week and start to learn the important life skills that are needed in the world of work.

Parents / carers can help students by looking through their independent learning with them. Students should write down all the subjects for which they could receive independent learning on the appropriate day according to the timetable. We believe that this helps provide parents / carers with a good understanding of the work taking place at The Halley Academy and leads to better outcomes for students. If students regularly complete their independent learning to a high standard their academic results improve. Parents / carers can make a huge contribution to a child’s future wellbeing by having high expectations with regard to the completion of independent learning to a high standard. Please help by providing a suitable study environment with the necessary resources; by taking an interest and by encouraging and praising the effort your child is making.

Key Stage 3 students should be set independent learning tasks of between 20 – 30 minutes per subject for completion.

Key Stage 4 students should be set independent learning tasks of between 45 – 60 minutes per subject for completion.

Independent Learning Platform

Independent learning tasks can be set using different methods:

EEDI (Maths) – An online application accessible via the internet, smartphones and tablets.  EEDI will be the primary method of setting independent learning opportunities for maths due to its ability to set diagnostic questioning across all age ranges.

Paper Based – If a student has limited access to technology, or the independent learning being set is not suitable for an online based application, students’ independent learning can be distributed using traditional paper based methods.