IRIS Connect – Building on teaching excellence through collaboration and sharing practice

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Dear Parents/Carers

This year The Halley Academy is delighted to be continuing our use of ‘IRIS Connect’, an innovation in teacher professional development, which uses a secure video system to film the quality of teaching in the Academy and the learning experience of your child. 

IRIS Connect enables teachers to reflect and share examples of excellence with our team of teaching staff across the Academy and the Trust. Our aim is for all teachers to be highly effective practitioners in order to deliver the best learning experiences for our students. IRIS Connect allows us to do precisely this through sharing outstanding practice and allowing teachers to implement creative teaching, learning and assessment techniques in the classroom.

The lessons captured by IRIS Connect are only accessible by the teacher that recorded them, or within their department network for specific professional development.  Any recordings take place in normal lessons and will not require any additional participation. 

We started using the IRIS connect software last year, and look forward to seeing the continuing positive impact that it will have on the learning experience of your child. If you have any questions regarding the project then please get in touch via


Yours faithfully

John Dixon | Principal

Ben Russell | Head of School (Franklin) and IRIS Connect Coordinator