Jargon Buster – Key Terms for Home Learning

During this new way of learning, we appreciate that there are a number of new terms that you will come across when supporting your child with their learning at home. We hope that the jargon buster below will help with this. Please contact home.learning@thehalleyacademy.org.uk if you have any further questions. 


Key Term


Remote Education Any learning that takes place outside of the classroom in school, with the teacher not present in the same location as the students. 
Digital Remote Education Often known as online learning – remote learning delivered through digital technologies. 
Blended Learning Learning which is delivered both face-to-face and remotely through technology. 
Asynchronous Education Material that is made by the teacher and accessed by the pupil at a later date. 
Google Classroom  The website that we use to provide students with all of the resources they need to learn outside of school. 
MyOn An online digital library that all students in Key Stage 3 have access to. 
Feedback  Guidance given by the teacher to students on what they are doing well, and how they can improve their work further in order to progress. 
Curriculum  The subjects and topics that are studied by students. 
Knowledge Organiser  A page of all the key information that students need to know for each topic they study.
Values Curriculum  The topics that students study in tutor time to support their personal development. 
EAL English as an Additional Language