Module 1 – Extracurricular Programme letter

Dear Parents/Carers 

Module 1 – Extracurricular Programme 

Welcome to The Halley Academy’s Extracurricular Programme; our before and after school activities complimenting our curriculum and are shaped by our “student voice”. This module will provide students with over 30 extracurricular activities, all linked to the Academy’s central and wider curriculum offer, mirroring the excellent practice noted by Ofsted in the Academy’s most recent inspection. 

Extracurricular activities offer opportunities for our students to develop a broad range of skills. Activities outside of the classroom enable students to apply skills they have learned in the classroom, develop a sense of belonging within the Academy and improve engagement in learning. The wide number of clubs on offer is also a sign of the dedication and commitment our teachers have for ensuring that all students reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom. 

Both you and your child can access the growing number of extracurricular clubs via SOCS, Co-Curricular Website, which provides us with a comprehensive monitoring system to track students’ participation in all extracurricular activities. Registers for all clubs are taken on this platform. All clubs take place on the school site and students are escorted by staff to the front gate at the end of their session. You can find a list of the clubs on offer for Module 1 here. 

By signing your child up for a club, you agree that they will adhere to all our usual Academy safety and behaviour policies. Please ensure your child is willing to commit to attending all the sessions provided in this module as numbers in some clubs will be limited. 

For further information on how to access these clubs, please follow this link to our SOCS Co-Curricular Website. A helpful guide for parents can be accessed here. If you need support accessing your child’s login details, please email your child’s Small School and they will be happy to help. 

Yours faithfully, 

Miss H. Panton 

Deputy Head of Turing School