Public Transport and Community Code

Dear Parents/Carers,

The value of respect is an important part of The Halley Academy community, both inside and outside the school gates.  We expect students to maintain our high standards of behaviour on their way to and from the academy every day.

The Metropolitan Police, in conjunction with Transport for London, have asked us to remind students of the behaviour code for travelling on public transport; you will find information about this attached.

Whilst writing, we also enclose an amended version of The Halley Academy Community Code of Conduct.  This has been reviewed and updated by student representatives and our Safer Schools Police Officer.  

Thank you for your support in reminding your child of the importance of their conduct when travelling to and from school.

Yours faithfully,


Karen Cronin

Head of Easley School

Behaviour & Wellbeing Lead



Metropolitan Police/Transport for London Behaviour Code

The Halley Academy Community Code of Conduct