Remote Learning

Welcome to our Remote Learning Resources page where you will find links and information to support your child when lessons are delivered online.  

The Halley Academy is committed to providing the highest quality of remote learning to our students during periods of school closure.

During this new way of learning, we appreciate that there are a number of new terms that you will come across when supporting your child with their learning at home. We hope that these definitions will help with this.

Please be aware that some links may not be compatible with the software on some phones and tablets. 

Google Classroom 

We use Google Classroom to set all materials and assignments, so that students can follow their usual timetable remotely. All students have their Google Classroom login codes, and have been added to each of their subject classrooms. This software allows students to complete their work, receive feedback from their teachers, as well as ask any questions they might have. A student guide to Google Classroom can be found here.

Values Curriculum

Whilst learning remotely, all students have a live tutor session on a daily basis.  This is at 10.30am on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 9.30am on a Wednesday.  These daily sessions, lasting between 10-15minutes, allow our students to check in with their tutor, review their learning for the day and to focus on the daily tutor activity.  The tutor will post a link to the Google Meet on  their tutor classroom stream, so that students can access these sessions.

All students, (Years 7-13) also have access to a Values classroom.  Our values lessons are aimed to promote the pastoral and personal development of our students and to support their wellbeing.  This classroom sets a number of daily tasks that are discussed within the tutor period and can be completed independently by the students, shared and reviewed in subsequent tutor sessions. The timetable is as follows:

ActivityWeekly Quiz and Tutor BulletinValues SessionsAssemblyEnrichmentWeekly Challenge


If you are experiencing device login issues or do not have a device at home, please email your child’s Small School Team.

If you have questions on how best to help your child learn remotely, please email

How will my child continue to learn at home remotely?
  • All remote learning tasks are set on the Google Classroom platform.
  • All students follow their full and normal timetable as if they were in the academy, to ensure they experience the full curriculum.
  • All materials for each lesson are uploaded for students to complete prior to the usual timetabled lesson on Google Classroom.
  • Lessons continue to follow the planned schemes of learning, and students follow a full curriculum, including high quality pastoral development through their Values Google Classroom.
  • At least one piece of work will be submitted by the end of each lesson on Google Classroom.
  • Audio and instructional videos are included in resources to model tasks and give feedback during the sequence of weekly home learning lessons.
  • Set tasks for each lesson will take approximately one hour to complete, as per a normal timetabled lesson.
  • Students should read for pleasure on a daily basis. Students can use their MyOn login details to access our virtual library.
  • All students who attend additional EAL lessons have an EAL Google Classroom for their English language learning. These Google Classrooms have EAL glossaries with translated information about what they are learning across the curriculum for students to use in their other remote lessons.
  • All students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, including those with Education, Health and Care Plans and those attending the Designated Specialist Provision, have access to a year group specific inclusion Google Classrooms. These are updated with new resources weekly and students have access to a range of resources and activities including: literacy, numeracy, reading comprehension, speech and language skills, life skills, and emotional and physical wellbeing.
How can I support my child at home when learning remotely?

Our At Home Learning Guide includes lots of helpful guidance and support to families.

All parents/carers can be added as Google Guardians, so that you can receive either daily or weekly updates on assignments, and your child’s progress at completing these. Please contact for any questions regarding this.

All families were emailed a copy of their child’s timetable at the start of this module. Please contact your child’s Small School team should you wish this to be re-sent to you.

We have also introduced Knowledge Organisers for all subjects and all year groups. These are powerful learning tools to help students recall and revise the key facts and information about a topic. Fitting nicely onto one A4 page, a Knowledge Organiser helps students chunk information into accessible and familiar patterns. All students have access to these via Google Classroom. Please take a look at our Knowledge Organiser Guide to see how you can use these at home to help support your child’s learning remotely.

How can I make sure that my child remains safe online?

In order to support and promote safe learning at home, the academy has become a member of the National Online Safety platform.  Please ensure you take the time to register and complete the Online Safety for Parents of Children Aged 11 -14 or Aged 14 – 18.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP) has also designed ThinkUKnow Activity packs for parents and carers to use at home with their children, to support online safety at a time when they will be spending more time online at home. These activities will be updated every two weeks and can be found via this link Think U Know Activity Packs or is a collaboration between Parent Zone and CEOP.  This service provides support and guidance for parents and carers on digital family life.

How will students receive feedback on their learning?

Students receive feedback frequently on their remote learning through a variety of different forms, best suited to the task and subject in question.

  • Google Slides is used to deliver whole-class feedback through instructional videos and audio clips from our teachers.
  • Google Forms is used to give instant feedback to regular quizzing which takes place to develop students’ long term memory.
  • Individual feedback is given through Google Classroom, whether in written or audio form, when students submit their assignments.

The safeguarding and wellbeing of our students remains a top priority at The Halley Academy.  If you have a safeguarding concern then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our safeguarding team. 

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Cronin, Head of Easley School,

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible, although please note that the email addresses are not monitored all of the time.  

If your concern is an emergency and there is a risk of harm to self or others then please contact the police immediately. 

Useful Links for Parents/Carers 

Some useful links for student support and promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing in the current crisis: