Return to School – Attendance/Expectations

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Dear Parents/Carers,


We are looking forward to welcoming your child back to the academy next week.  All students will receive an induction on their first day to support the safe and successful return to the Academy.  To ensure that all children have a high quality induction back to the academy and to support our second round of Lateral Flow testing, we will be staggering the return.  Please see below your child’s first day of attendance at the academy and their designated entrance, which remains the same as Modules 1 and 2 and will open at 8am. 

Year Group 7 8 9 10 11
Start Date (start time 8:25am) Tuesday 9th March Wednesday

10th March

Wednesday 10th March Tuesday 9th March Monday 8th March
Entrance Corelli Road 8AB Corelli Road

8CD Holburne Road

Corelli Road Holburne Road Holburne Road

Students must wear a face mask to keep themselves and others safe, unless exempt.  This is upon guidance from the Government on the return for schools.  If your child is exempt and we are not aware, please inform their small schoolStudents will only be considered exempt upon confirmation from their parent/carer.  A discreet badge will be given to these students.  Face masks are now compulsory in all inside spaces, including classrooms.  Students should bring a small plastic bag to place their face mask in when they are eating or drinking.  This is to reduce the possibility of transmission, keeping our community safe.

Students will have designated finish times as outlined below:

Year Group 7 8 9 10 11
Finish Time (Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri) 2:40pm 2:45pm 2:45pm 2:45pm 3:15pm
Finish Time (Weds) 1:55pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 2:30pm

The government announced in February 2021, that from the date of return, school attendance is mandatory.  This means that it is compulsory for all children to attend school unless they have been advised to remain at home by a medical professional. 

From Monday 8th March the usual rules on attendance will apply and this includes the legal duty for parents and carers to ensure regular school attendance. If your child does not attend school regularly the Local Authority can take action against you. This can be through a Fixed Penalty Notice (fine) or a summons to appear at a Magistrates Court.

It is vitally important that you ensure your child has excellent attendance to the academy from their start date, as missing out on more time in the classroom will risk your child falling further behind.  We know that those students with higher overall absence achieve less well in their examinations. It is also important for your child’s wellbeing and wider development.  

If your child is unable to attend the academy at any time because they are complying with clinical/and or public health advice then you must inform the academy through normal absence procedures immediately.  Similarly, If your child is anxious about the return to the academy, then please discuss with your child’s small school in order that we can put the right support in place.

The government has made it clear that all students “must be in school unless a statutory reason applies”.

I look forward to welcoming all students back to the Academy site and celebrating their achievements with them as they make their own academic and personal progress.

Standards and Expectations

As most students have been away from the academy for a significant amount of time, I want to take this opportunity to remind you of our high standards and expectations at The Halley Academy, as well as inform you of some amendments to procedures and expectations as part of our response to the current guidelines. 


Last year we successfully introduced a new punctuality procedure which had a significantly positive impact. It is important that students are in the academy, taking advantage of every possible opportunity to learn and therefore a prompt daily arrival is extremely important. I would like to thank you for your support in ensuring your child arrives to the academy at their allocated entrance point by 8:25am at the latest and below is a reminder of the procedures for students arriving outside of this time: 

  • Late arrival from 8:26am – 8:40am student will attend a 30-minute loss of personal time (LOPT). Parents will receive a text message regarding lateness. 
  • Late arrival from 8:41am-9:15am student will attend a 60-minute LOPT. Parents will receive a text message regarding lateness.
  • Late arrival beyond 9:16am+ student will attend a 90-minute LOPT. Parents will be contacted.

 All LOPTs will be completed on the same day as the lateness to the academy. 

Poor punctuality can lead to a referral to the Attendance Advisory Officer and the issuing of a fixed penalty notice. Please take this opportunity to review morning routines and the journey to school with your child. 


We expect all of our students to continue to wear their uniform with pride both on-site and when travelling to and from the academy. Students should:

  • wear their Halley Academy tie to an appropriate length.
  • wear their blazer at all times, unless in a classroom where permission is granted by the teacher to remove the blazer.
  • not wear jeans style trousers or leggings in the academy. 
  • ensure skirts are knee length, and not shorter and should be either pleated or a tailored pencil skirt in style.  Jersey/stretchy/tube skirts are not permitted. 
  • in cold weather, wear a plain black coat to the academy. Hoodies, tracksuit tops, denim jackets or hats (apart from a woollen style hat in cold weather) are not allowed in the academy.

Items that do not meet our uniform code will be confiscated from students. High expectations for uniform are also expected from students on the way to and on the way home from the academy.  If students fail to adhere to these standards of uniform and cannot immediately rectify this, they will not be allowed into their mainstream lessons and you will be contacted by your child’s small school.  If there are issues with your child meeting these standards, then please contact your child’s small school immediately, as the academy can support families in cases of hardship. 

Jewellery and Appearance

Students are only allowed to wear a maximum of one small stud (no stone) in each ear, worn in the lower lobe, and a wrist watch. Rings, bracelets (with the exception of medical bracelets) and piercings additional to one in the lower ear lobe are not permitted. All piercings must be removed to participate in Physical Education lessons. Apple or other smart watches are also not permitted; this is in line with our policy on mobile phones. We ask for your assistance in making sure that your child does not leave home in the morning wearing any fake tan, nail polish, acrylic or false nails or false eyelashes as these are not allowed at the academy.  No metal toothed Afro combs are permitted on the academy site. 

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not allowed on the academy site. 

Mobile Phones/Headphones/Electronic Devices

When students arrive at the start of the academy day, mobile phones, ear/headphones and other electronic devices must be switched off and put away. They should remain out of sight during the day both in lessons and during break or lunchtime. If a student has their mobile phone, headphones or electronic devices out of their blazer pocket or bag it will be confiscated by the member of staff. It will then be collected from the student’s small school. The academy has a legal right to confiscate items such as jewellery, mobile phones or any other item contravening academy policies. (We may also confiscate items outside the policy if it causes health and safety concern or disrupts the smooth running of the academy.) The academy does not take responsibility for loss or damage to any electronic devices brought into the academy. 


Students in Year 7, 9, 10 and 11 need to bring their Chromebook learning devices to school, fully charged, every day. They will be used every day to support your child’s progress, so are a vital part of a student’s equipment list. In addition, we recommend students bring a set of headphones with their Chromebook for use in the classroom only. Only if permitted by the teacher, will students be allowed to use their headphones with their Chromebook device for the specific learning activity presented at the time.

Students will receive clear and explicit instructions from their teachers about how and when to use their Chromebooks and there are posters displayed in every classroom to support this.


In order to be ready for learning, all students must bring to the academy a suitable school bag large enough for an A4 folder, their Chromebook  and their Halley Academy PE kit. 

Students must have a pencil case which must contain pens, pencils, ruler and rubber and bring their planner (year 7 only), academy issued Chromebook and personal hand sanitiser. There will be regular equipment checks. We recommend students bring more than one pen with them so they always have a replacement. The current recommendation from the government is that students provide their own equipment, such as pens and pencils and avoid sharing these items.  Please ensure that your child is well equipped for learning every day. 

We are promoting respiratory hygiene with our students.  Students should therefore bring tissues to the academy in order to adhere to the ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ advice. 

Energy Drinks

Caffeinated energy drinks are not permitted in the academy. This is reflected in the academy behaviour management policy, in line with the national food standards for schools and academies. Consumption of these drinks can lead to poor concentration, lack of energy (when the inevitable ‘crash’ occurs), poor behaviour, insomnia, increased anxiety, nausea, headaches and other health risks. Any student found with these drinks will have them confiscated. When in lessons, students are allowed to drink still water.

Movement in the Academy

Students will receive an induction on their first day back at the academy.  All students must adhere to the control measures put in place, which includes designated learning areas, designated areas for unstructured times, designated toilets and a’ keep left and keep moving’ policy in corridors. 

Community Conduct

The high expectations of our students extend to the community. We expect The Halley Academy students to represent the academy well. When travelling to and from the academy, students should always be respectful of each other and other members of the community, thinking about the language they use to each other as well as not making excessive noise or behaving in an antisocial manner. It is important that students use appointed road crossings and follow road safety rules. Please reiterate this at home with your child and ensure you know the journey they take to and from the academy. Your child should be encouraged to go home directly at the end of the academy day. 

As for our return at the start of the academic year, our Covid-19 measures remain and have been updated in accordance with the guidance from the Department for Education. I encourage you to refer to our academy website where we will upload the full induction presentation that all students will receive upon their return. Please do discuss our high expectations with your child and prepare them to wear their mask at all times when inside. The safety of our community and the wider community is extremely important and our procedures have been developed with this in mind. 

I look forward to welcoming your child back to the academy next week.


Yours faithfully,


Hannah Sharma

Deputy Principal