Returning to The Halley Academy After Coronavirus

My name is ………

I have been at home now for quite a few weeks with my family. This is called “self-isolating.”

I have had to self-isolate because of a virus called “Coronavirus or Covid-19” The Government told everyone that we could not go to school, this is to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Everyone must follow the experts’ advice to keep safe. This is a good idea.

I have enjoyed being at home with my family.

The Government have now said that it is time to return to The Halley Academy because it is safer.

The Halley Academy days may be a bit different than before. This is to keep everyone safe.

I may feel anxious and worried about going back to The Halley Academy. This is okay. Lots of children may be feeling like I do too.

I can see some of my teachers and friends. This may make me feel happy.

I can talk about my time at home and listen to others too.

Things may still be a bit different. This is okay.

All the children and staff will need to follow the rules about social distancing, hand washing, wearing a mask and COVID-19 testing. This is okay because it keeps us all safe.

The coronavirus test does not hurt. It might feel a bit strange but that is okay because it keeps everyone safe and I will get used to it.

I may feel proud of myself for going back to The Halley Academy.

My family and teachers may feel proud of me too.