SEND Letter to Families

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8th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Inclusion and DSP Google Classrooms

I hope your family enjoyed a peaceful winter break.

Following the recent government guidance, I am writing to inform you that as your child has been identified as having a special educational need, they have been invited to join their year group Inclusion or DSP Google Classroom.

The Inclusion and DSP Google Classrooms are in addition to your child’s subject-specific Google Classrooms, and contain resources for literacy, numeracy, speech and language, life skills and emotional and physical wellbeing.  Each week, we will upload new resources to the Inclusion and DSP Google Classrooms by posting a message so that your child is aware that more resources are available. 

Your child is not required to complete or submit any of the activities on the Inclusion and DSP Google Classrooms, the resources are there as additional activities.  However, I would recommend that your child completes at least one of the wellbeing resources each week.  Your child should prioritise their subject work first and use the Inclusion and DSP Google Classrooms once they have completed their daily work.  

If your child has any difficulties accessing the Inclusion and DSP Google Classrooms, please see below for the relevant codes:

Inclusion Google Classroom Codes:

Year 7 dxvdgnt
Year 8 tfvo3ak 
Year 9 voqsokn
Year 10 vs5rcek
Year 11 xmbhpc6

DSP Google Classroom Codes:

Sensory Integration – Specialist Interventions la7dzjm
Social Skills – Specialist Interventions wy5dode
Emotional Regulation and Emotional Wellbeing – Specialist Interventions u2jbq3y
Working Memory and Attention – Specialist Interventions gamwchz
Literacy and Numeracy – Specialist Interventions uxckkhr
Functional Skills and Inclusion Resources i4erlmn

In addition to the Google Classrooms, if your child is in Year 7-9, they will also have the opportunity to use the ‘International Dyslexia Learning Solutions Limited’ (IDL) website, which is an intervention programme to improve students’ literacy and numeracy skills.  Information about how to access the IDL programme, will be posted on the Inclusion and DSP Google Classrooms.

Furthermore, the Royal Borough of Greenwich SEND Team will be holding regular ‘Parent Participation Forum’ meetings, and ‘Mindfulness and Wellbeing’ sessions for parents and carers of students with SEND. Please click here for further information. We will update The Halley Academy website regularly with the information we receive from The Royal Borough of Greenwich, and you can also visit their Local Offer website for more information on services and support for students with SEND and their parents/carers. 

We are aware that this is a very challenging time and your child may be struggling with understanding Covid-19, so please also note that you can also access additional resources to support you in speaking to your child about this on The Halley Academy website by clicking here.  This webpage will also be updated with relevant resources.

We hope that you and your child find these resources helpful.

Yours faithfully,

Vickie Williamson