Social Action Group visit Police Cadets

Just recently, The Halley Academy Social Action Group delivered workshops in misogyny and sexism to the Panda and Junior Police Cadets at Eltham Police Station.  The Panda workshop was delivered by the younger members of the Social Action Group to the cadets who are aged between 7 and 9. This workshop was centred around the theme of respect, one of The Halley Academy values.  The cadets were given the opportunity to discuss personal experiences and develop a pledge for how they will support young people to choose respect when working with each other. The Junior Cadets, aged from 10 to 11, worked with the older members of the Social Action Group to create definitions of the words safety and security and then identified the differences between misogyny and sexism.  This was a fantastic opportunity for the Social Action Group to address any misconceptions and hear real life experiences from the cadets. Their final activity was to create a charter for their Police cadet work moving forward.