Special Educational Needs

Mainstream Inclusion

The Halley Academy is a mixed and inclusive academy. Students have a wide range of abilities and skills, and we celebrate the achievements and progress of all. We use our best endeavours to meet the needs of students who require additional support with their academic or social and emotional development, and are proud of our successful SEND provision, including The Infinity Hub (Designated Specialist Provision).

At The Halley Academy, the SEND Code of Practice (2014), Children and Families Act (2014) and Equality Act (2010) inform our practice for students with special educational needs and disabilities. We fully recognise our legal responsibility regarding the education of children with special educational needs and follow set procedures for assessment, target setting, provision and review of progress. The Leigh Academies Trust SEND policy and The Halley Academy Local Offer, directs the work of all staff, ensuring all students are fully included in the life of the academy and are supported to achieve their potential.

If you would like further information about how the academy supports students with special educational needs and disabilities, please read The Halley Academy Local Offer and SEND Information Report.

All students will have access to the Inclusion Summer Activities and DSP Summer Activities via Google classrooms.  These contain 5 weeks of resilience and wellbeing activities.

The Halley Academy SEND Information Report 2020/21

The Halley Academy Graduated Approach – Our Local Offer 2020/21

The Infinity Hub (Designated Special Provision)

The Infinity Hub at The Halley Academy is a designated specialist provision for 16 students across Key Stages 3&4, with a diagnosis of ASD. We aim to provide our students with the best possible learning environment in order to meet their individual needs, and for students to leave us with the social and independence skills and
qualifications relevant to their next steps.

We strive to provide the resources, trained staff, and specialist support to maximize the students’ ability to:

  • communicate and interact with others
  • develop and improve social skills
  • access the curriculum
  • improve independence
  • develop literacy and numeracy skills
  • learn within the mainstream environment
  • gain appropriate qualifications for future employment
  • develop the life skills to participate and be included in the wider community
  • make friends and enjoy the company of others

Please click here for information regarding our Infinity Hub students that participate and are members of the ACE group.  This is available through the local offer.

Please see the ACE wiki which showcases the great work that the ACE groups have done over the past two years.

The Infinity Hub Timeline September 2020

Royal Borough of Greenwich Local Offer


For further information regarding the Local Offer, please click here

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