Tallow Chandlers’ Education Awards Luncheon

Following their visit to the Tallow Chandlers’ Great Hall earlier this year, on 9 May 2019 Mr Dixon, Ms Williamson, The Halley Academy Social Action Group and one of the Halley’s Lead Heroes were invited to the Tallow Chandlers Education Awards Luncheon.

The Awards Luncheon is held in the Tallow Chandlers’ Great Hall every year for students and staff from educational establishments currently supported by the Tallow Chandlers Benevolent Fund. The event provides an opportunity for members of the Company to meet the outstanding young people to whom they make awards and bursaries, as well as those who work with them.

Mr Dixon was the guest speaker at the event and shared information about the improvements The Halley Academy has made over the past year, with the support of Leigh Academies Trust and the Tallow Chandlers. The Halley Academy Social Action Group and Lead Hero Kemi were able to personally thank the Tallow Chandlers for the support they have provided through the Humanutopia workshops and meetings with members of the company, as well as share information about their recent work. It was an extremely special day and one that we will never forget!

We would like to thank the Tallow Chandlers, especially Master John Baxter, Mrs Margaret Baxter, Mr David Jarrett, Brigadier David Homer and Miss Jenna Quinn for their ongoing support of the students and staff at The Halley Academy.