Year 7 Cultural Capital Day Letter

Photo of The Halley Academy building taken from a green space on the academy grounds.

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Cultural Capital Day, Wednesday 27th March 2024

At the end of module 4, the Academy will take part in the second of three Cultural Capital events. Our Cultural Capital days and week (at the end of the academic year), are a true highlight of our Academy calendar. These days offer students experiences and the chance to participate in exciting activities outside of their usual classroom learning experience, in line with National Curriculum guidance. 

The next Cultural Capital Day of this academic year will be on Wednesday 27th March. Students in Year 7 will have the offer of a free museum trip or the choice of a visit to take part in a workshop at the Globe Theatre at the cost of £12.05. All payments for this paid-for trip should be made via Parent Pay. Students will not visit the same museum as they did on our first Cultural Capital Day in December. 

All trips will see students travel on public transport. There is no cost involved in the travel of students, as the Academy receives exemptions from Transport for London. All trips will commence at the Academy, and students will return to the Academy at the end of the trip so that they can be registered before being dismissed. If a trip returns before the end of the academy day, students will be dismissed upon arrival. Where a trip is expected back later than the end of the Academy day, you will be informed.  All students should attend in their normal academy uniform. Students are advised to bring appropriate winter travel clothing, suitable for March temperatures. They will also need to bring their packed lunch. Students who are eligible for a Free School Meal will be provided with a packed lunch. Spending money for souvenirs is to be kept to a reasonable amount. 

For this Cultural Capital day, the trip assigned to Year 7 students will be as follows: 

The Globe Theatre, Romeo and Juliet workshop, £12.05 (50 spaces)

Romeo and Juliet is studied by Year 8 throughout module 1, therefore this is an exciting opportunity for our students to enrich their learning and see the performance studied during their next academic year. We will travel to the theatre by train, leaving the Academy at 9:30am.  The workshop begins promptly at 11am and lasts approximately 2 hours.  We anticipate returning to The Halley Academy at approximately 2.30pm, depending on the frequency of the trains.

Museum of London, Docklands, Free – Easley (40 places)

Students will visit several galleries here, linked with their English, History and Geography curriculums. From the Great Fire of London, to the role the river and docks have played in immigration and business, students will investigate several lines of enquiry related to life in London.

Hampton Court Palace, Free –  Easley (30 places)

On this trip, students will be able to experience the public dramas and private lives of Henry VIII, his wives and children in the world of the Tudor Court. We will visit the Grade 1 listed Great Hall, Tudor Kitchens, as well as exploring the 60 acres of magnificent gardens. Students will travel to Hampton Court on public transport, returning to the Academy at approximately 2.30pm, depending on the frequency of trains and buses.

National Portrait Gallery, Free – Franklin and Turing (60 places)

The National Portrait Gallery is not only home to the world’s greatest collection of portraits and images, they also tell the story of Britain through portraits, using art to bring history to life and explore living today. Students will follow a selection of art history and drawing tasks as they navigate the painting and photography exhibitions. We anticipate returning to The Halley Academy at approximately 2pm, depending on the frequency of the trains.

If you have any questions about our Cultural Capital Days, please get in touch with a member of your child’s Small School team. 

Yours faithfully,

Mrs H. Panton | Deputy Head of Turing School