Community Code of Conduct

Working With Our Community

We aspire to represent The Halley Academy in a respectful manner, developing positive relationships with our local community.  We always strive for success.

  • We will show consideration to others at all times, particularly in the local neighbourhood, shops and on local transport
  • We will treat others in the same way that we want to be treated ourselves: with respect
  • We will be aware of the language we use, not make excessive noise and display good manners
  • We will keep our environment clean and tidy
  • We will follow road safety rules
  • We will help others in our community
  • We are mindful of COVID-19 restrictions and act accordingly in our community and on public transport.

We are working together to make our community a safer and better place.

If you find any student to be in breach of this code of conduct, please report this to the Principal’s PA:

Thank you.

The Halley Academy Student Council