Knowledge Organisers

This year we have introduced Knowledge Organisers for all subjects and all year groups to support students with their learning both in the classroom and at home.

Knowledge Organisers are a powerful learning tool to help students recall and revise the key facts and information about a topic that they need to know in order to be successful.  Fitting nicely onto one A4 page, a Knowledge Organiser helps students break down information into accessible and familiar patterns.  

Research has shown that the technique of frequently revisiting and memorising knowledge helps students both build their long term memory and, as a consequence, enhance their learning. 

We hope that these Knowledge Organisers will help families to support their son/daughter in revisiting at home the key words, spelling, dates and/or definitions that they learn about in the classroom. 

All of our lessons commence with a “5 for 5” memory starter, where students spend 5 minutes working independently on 5 short, knowledge-retrieval questions. This will encourage students to not only continually revisit previous learning, but also use their Knowledge Organiser as a tool to do this. Teachers will then use students’ answers to address misunderstandings and to plan lessons to resolve these. 

All students will be given a paper copy of their Knowledge Organiser at the start of each topic/unit, which can be found in their exercise book/folder. We have also created specific Knowledge Organiser Google Classrooms for each year group, that your son/daughter will join, so that they can access all of their Knowledge Organisers in one place. 

Any questions, please contact