Renaissance Accelerated Reader

“ Our primary purpose is to accelerate learning for all children and adults of all ability levels and ethnic and social backgrounds, worldwide.”

Star Reading

  • 20 minute computer adaptive test used to assess reading ability.
  • Tracks reading growth
  • Provides student with a  personalised reading range called the ZPD, and teachers with data to monitor student progress.
Example of what the star reading computer adaptive test looks like

Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)

A range of book levels recommended for each student based on their reading ability. The student has free rein to choose books from within their entire ZPD range.

Range of books in order of reading ability with a box around the books that are just right for the student

Book Level 

Can range between 0.2 – 13.5, calculated using two main factors:

  1. Average sentence length
  2. Vocabulary Difficulty

Interest Level

This is related to content and appropriateness.

  • LY = lower years, approx. age 5-8 (KS1)
  • MY = middle years, approx. age 9-13 (KS2/3)
  • UY = upper years, approx. age 14+ (KS4)


Based on word count are awarded on a pro rata basis according to quiz success

Accelerated Reader Book Level Guide chart.
Example of the interest level and points for a student

Renaissance Accelerated Reader

  • A database of over 27,000 book quizzes
  • All quizzed books have a Book Level
    • An estimate of the reading difficulty of the text 
    • Based on average sentence length and the difficulty of words
    • Ranges between Book Levels of 0.2-13.5
Example of what the Renaissance Accelerated Reader test looks like

Teachers monitor pupils’ progress

  • Accelerated Reader provides instant feedback and tracks all scores
  • Teachers monitor quiz results and provide encouragement and guidance
  • Students aim to average 85% or above on their comprehension quizzes. This indicates good comprehension and will lead to greater progress in reading ability
Reading Practice TOPS Report showing what the student read, How they did and their progress in the past year in terms of points earned and average correct

Home ConnectTM

  • Parents can track their children’s reading from home using the website Home Connect
  • Add email addresses and receive instant feedback on quiz results
  • The Bookshelf shows all books read and quizzed on by the student for Accelerated Reader
A view of the Renaissance Home Connect Dashboard showing the overall progress and the bookshelf

AR BookFinder

  • AR BookFinder is a search engine for all books with Accelerated Reader quizzes
  • It can be accessed through Home Connect
  • Quiz Search to see if a book has an AR quiz
  • Use Advanced Search to check using various book criteria such as book level or topic

AR BookFinder Quick Search page