Year 11 Cultural Capital Day – Wednesday 29th March 2023

Three Year 7 students are pictured looking closely at a model of our solar system and pointing to it during a Science lab class.

Dear Parents/Carers,

The Academy is dedicated to providing all students with an enriching and diverse curriculum that explores learning both inside and outside of the classroom. On Wednesday 29th March, we will be suspending the timetable to allow all students access to an external educational visit as part of Cultural Capital Day. These days are proudly one of the highlights of the Academy calendar.

All students will be going on a trip – some are free, and others require payment. Trips are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All payments are made on ParentPay. The deadline for booking is 3.00pm on Friday 10th March. This payment also serves as providing the parental consent for your child to attend the selected trip. For those students eligible for free trips, an electronic consent form will be sent on Monday 6th March to complete. Most trips will see students travel on public transport. There is no cost involved in the travel of students, as the Academy receives exemptions from Transport for London. All trips will commence at the Academy and we aim to return to the Academy where students will be dismissed. Unless indicated, all students should attend school in their normal school uniform. Students are advised to bring appropriate winter travel clothing. They will also need to bring their own packed lunch. Students who are eligible for a Free School Meal will be provided a packed lunch.

1) An Inspector Calls at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley, £21
This adaptation of a Core GCSE English Literature text examinations social responsibility, justice and fairness remain, all as relevant today as they were when Priestley’s play was first shown over 70 years ago. Students should arrive at school for 11.30am. We will then travel to the theatre by public transport. We will return to the Academy at approximately 5.30pm. Please indicate on the Google Form whether your child will travel independently from the Academy or whether they will be collected by a parent/carer at the end of this trip.

2) Jekyll and Hyde at the New Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon, £11
This rare adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel about the dangers of living a secret life, is a must-see for GCSE Literature students. Students should arrive at school for 8.30am. We will then travel to the theatre by public transport. We will return to the Academy for approximately 3.00pm, where students will need to be collected from the Academy by a parent/carer.

3) The Museum of London, Free
The Museum of London is an award-winning, charitable institution that explores the rich and ever-changing history of the UK’s capital city. Students will explore: Docklands at War, the Slave Trade and the Sainsbury’s gallery looking at the history of food and supermarket expansion. Students will travel by public transport. We will return to the Academy for approximately 2.30pm, where students will be dismissed.

4) The Bank of England Museum, Free
Students can experience the heart of the United Kingdom’s financial institution with a visit to the Bank of England museum. They will learn about money, the economy, the history of the Bank of England, and how the economy works on a global and local scale. Students will travel to the museum on public transport, returning to the Academy at approximately 2.30pm, depending on the frequency of trains.

Please complete the permission slip using this link by Friday 10th March 2023.

Please contact your child’s Small School team if you have any questions about our Cultural Capital Days.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs H. Panton
Deputy Head of Turing School