Year 7 Homework and Module 3 Assessments letter

Photo of The Halley Academy building taken from a green space on the academy grounds.

Dear Parent/Carer

Year 7 Homework and Module 3 Assessments

As we come to the end of another successful module, we would like to inform you of an upcoming milestone for your child at Key Stage 3.

Starting from January 15th, 2024, our Key Stage 3 students will be undertaking Interim Middle Years Programme assessments. These assessments have been designed to evaluate both the attainment and progress your child has made thus far in the current academic year. All work undertaken since September will be included in their final grade. The results will provide valuable insights into their academic journey, allowing us to tailor our support and resources to better meet their individual needs. Assessments in the Core subjects: Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science will take place in our main hall. For all other subjects, students will complete their assessments in lesson time and their classrooms.

We believe that these assessments are an essential tool in fostering continuous improvement and academic growth. The information gathered will help us recognise and celebrate the achievements of our students and also guide us in identifying areas where additional support may be beneficial. You will find an information guide on the MYP Assessments at The Halley Academy, here. Students will be provided with their assessment timetable when they return to school in January 2024.

To help students prepare for these assessments, they will be provided with a comprehensive revision list covering the relevant topics and skills. Additionally, teachers have assigned homework tasks aligned with the assessments, ensuring that students have ample opportunities to reinforce their understanding and showcase their learning. These tasks have been posted onto their Google Classrooms and are also outlined below. We hope that this information will support all families to ensure that this homework is completed for the start of Module 3.

English Bedrock Learning (30 minutes per week)

SPARX Reader (30 minutes per week)

Maths SPARX Consolidation of Topics from Modules 1 and 2
Science Seneca Learning
History Seneca Learning
Geography Seneca Learning
RE Identity Write Up
Languages Languagenut
Art 3D Food Sculpture
Drama Retrieval Practice Tasks
Music Christmas Play-Along Piano Tutorial
Food Healthy Eating and Hygiene Safety Presentation
IT Seneca Learning

Following the assessments, students will be given detailed feedback through well-planned feedback lessons. Further to this, our scheduled Parents’ Evenings, dates of which you will find on our website, will provide parents and carers with the opportunity for collaborative discussions on your child’s educational journey. 

We appreciate your ongoing support in your child’s education and look forward to working together to ensure their success. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Thank you for supporting your child and their educational journey with us at The Halley Academy. 

Yours faithfully

Eleanor Parsons | Head of Franklin School & Hayley Panton | Deputy Head of Turing School