Year 10 Cultural Capital Day Letter

Three students are seen sitting down on a bench outdoors on the academy grounds, conversing with one another.

Dear Parents/Carers, 

Cultural Capital Day, Wednesday 13th December 2023

At the end of Module 2, the Academy will take part in the first of three Cultural Capital events. Our Cultural Capital days and week (at the end of the academic year), are a true highlight of our academy calendar. These days offer students experiences and the chance to participate in exciting activities outside of their usual classroom learning experience, in line with National Curriculum guidance. 

The first Cultural Capital Day of this academic year will be on Wednesday 13th December. All Year 10 students will be participating in an exciting educational experience run by the Jack Petchey Foundation with Speaker’s Trust. 

Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge! is a programme managed and delivered by Speakers Trust, the UK’s leading public speaking organisation and is supported and funded by the Jack Petchey Foundation. Their aim is to amplify young people’s voices by building confidence, developing skills and creating platforms for young people to share their stories and ideas to empower not only themselves but each other. In this way, they champion effective communication to use in education, employability and social change. 

At last year’s regional final, our Halley representative achieved third place out of the eleven Greenwich Borough schools participating. 

The in-school workshops are designed to allow students to create powerful speeches and present them to their peers. This is an excellent opportunity for your child to share their speech writing skills with their peers and students gain more vital speaking experience and build confidence in public speaking. This is also excellent preparation for the Spoken Language element of the English Language GCSE course. 

Students will need to arrive at the academy in their uniform at the usual time to begin the workshop. Students will be in their English groups for the day. Break and lunchtime will be as normal, as will be dismissal time. There is no cost attributed to students for this activity. 

If you have any questions about our Cultural Capital Days, please do get in touch with a member of your child’s Small School team. 

Yours faithfully,

Mrs H. Panton | Deputy Head of Turing School