Year 10 Work Experience (17th – 21st July 2023)

Three students are seen sitting down on a bench outdoors on the academy grounds, conversing with one another.

Dear Parents/Carers,

The Academy is committed to providing all students with an enriching and diverse curriculum that explores learning both inside and outside of the classroom. A key part of this curriculum is to ensure that all our students are given opportunities to immerse themselves in areas of career interest.

Work experience offers a unique insight into these possible opportunities, giving students the time within the academy calendar to work in possible career fields they find interesting, interact and work alongside adults, understand how people work together and experience how work differs from academy life. The programme is one of the highlights of the Year 10 calendar.

On Tuesday 25th April, we will be holding a Work Experience Information Evening between 5.30pm and 6.30pm. This event will be for all Year 10 students and their families.

Further details can be found in the information sheet overleaf, including information on sourcing and completing a work experience placement; this information will be discussed in more detail at the information evening.

Yours faithfully,

Tim Harrison
Assistant Principal & Head of Hawking School (Sixth Form)

Year 10 Work Experience Week: 17th – 21st July 2023

Why should my child complete Work Experience?

Year 10 work experience is a very important part of the Year 10 calendar. It offers a unique insight into the world of work that cannot be replicated in the academy environment. It gives students the opportunity to know how it feels to work alongside adults; how people work together; how things get done; and how work differs from that undertaken in a classroom. We believe it is an invaluable experience and an opportunity where many new skills can be learned and contacts made that may prove useful in pursuit of employment later in life.

A student’s work experience placement does not necessarily have to link to their chosen career, with many young people not yet knowing which career path they may take even as they come to the end of Year 10. It gives them the opportunity to see what work is like, i.e. travelling on public transport, working hours (different to those spent at the Academy), working with others, types of roles available, the clothing required for different positions, etc.

How can we find a placement?

All students are required to find their own placement and they tend to enjoy and get more out of their placement if they find the placement themselves. The most successful way of securing a placement is usually through contacts with family and friends. You might also consider asking local businesses directly. Many places of work are used to offering Work Experience Placements and are happy to accommodate students. Remember to talk to lots of different people to get ideas. Use the internet to identify job areas; speak to your tutor, teaching and support staff.

Unsure of what careers your child is interested in?

Students can explore a range of careers on websites such as:

Students should also use their school Unifrog account to research a range of career ideas.

How will I know my child will be safe?

All work experience placements are checked to ensure they have Employer Liability Insurance, an up-to-date Health & Safety Policy & Risk Assessment, and where necessary a member of staff will visit the premises before agreeing to the work experience placement to ensure it is a safe environment for students.

What will my child do whilst on placement?

Many of the actual tasks students will be given are likely to be routine as organisations cannot risk letting a work-experience student, without any training, do work that could have serious consequences if not done correctly.

However, a lot can be learned from observing, assisting, or just mixing in the work environment. Students are expected to keep a log of their experiences which will include reviewing their own work, what the organisation did and skills they may have used. The diary can then be used as a good talking point for future interviews.

When we find a placement what do I need to do? How do we let school know about a placement?

Please collate the following employer information:

  • Company Name
  • Company Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address (please ensure this is clear and correct)
  • Parent Email address (please ensure this is clear and correct)

When a placement has been found the above information is collected by your child’s tutor and then employer checks are carried out.

When do we need to have found a placement?

Monday 5th June 2023.

What if we can’t find a placement?

Support will be given by tutors and the Leigh Academies Trust, however, this is less likely to give students an experience of an industry they are interested in following.

What support is there on offer?

Students will be given support during tutor time and will be issued a proforma to support their communication with companies.

A list of possible companies to contact is also available on your child’s Unifrog system.

What are the next steps?

All students and families are asked to attend the Work Experience Information Evening on Tuesday 25th April.

What happens after students have submitted the details of their placement?

Once your child has found their placement the employer will complete an online form giving key information such as duties and responsibilities. Employers will also upload the relevant Employers Liability Insurance and Risk Assessment.

Once the employer has completed their part, an email will be sent to you as a parent/guardian for you to give your consent for the work placement to go ahead.

Students will complete a Work Experience Preparation Programme leading up to the placement.

If I still have questions?

Contact Mr Tim Harrison for any career advice and guidance via the admin email address: