Year 7 Module 1 Overview

Two female Year 7 students are pictured smiling together in the foreground, as they work on laptops at their desks. Their peers can be seen working behind them in the background.

Dear Parents/Carers,

With the first week completed for all of our students, we wanted to ensure that all families are aware of the topics that their children are learning about throughout the year and the assessment structure that is in place for all subjects. This will allow the learning journey to continue at home and provide you with further resources to support your child as they progress throughout the academic year.

Information Events

We will be offering all Year 7 families the opportunity to meet their child’s tutor on Thursday 21st September. This will be a time to meet the pastoral teams supporting our students. We will also be providing all families with further details about our Middle Years Programme and particularly the ways in which you can support your child throughout the academic year. This will also be discussed in our first parental teaching and learning workshop on Thursday 12th October. Information about these two events will be sent out in separate correspondence.

Knowledge Organisers

Within lessons, all subjects provide our learners with knowledge organisers and these are a useful source of information within and outside of the classroom. They highlight the key terminology, concepts and skills that are being taught throughout the module (half term). Not only will you be able to access them in the links below but they are also uploaded onto all the relevant Google Classrooms.

Middle Years Programme Group


Language and Literature


Language Acquisition






Individuals and Societies






Physical and Health Education



Students are provided with regular written and verbal feedback in all subjects. Lessons and the associated tasks that will be completed in the classes will be posted onto the Google Classrooms. Families will be provided with a written and formal breakdown of the progress made in each subject in Module 3 and Module 6. This will provide families with a commitment to learning grade, a target grade and a current working grade. Responding to parental feedback we had last year, at the end of Module 1 all subjects will also provide students with a commitment to learning grade. This information will provide families with a further indication of their child’s attitude towards learning.


Homework is set on a regular and weekly basis for all those subjects which have more than one lesson per week. This includes English, maths, science, history, geography and languages. All other subjects will set one homework on a fortnightly basis. Each piece of homework is designed to last between 35 minutes and 45 minutes and all tasks will be set as assignments on Google Classroom so that students can work towards meeting the deadlines set. Other learning platforms are used within and outside of lessons to also support our students. These include Language Nut, Sparx Maths, Seneca and Bedrock. All passwords required for these websites will have been received by students within their lessons.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting your child at home with their learning. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Yours faithfully,

Eleanor Parsons
Head of Franklin School